PHILIP HOPKINS is a digital product manager, programmer in Java and Python, and writer in Los Angeles. He grew up in Texas, and lived in New York City for more than ten years.

His short stories have appeared in Louisville Review and Seneca Review, and in Calliope.

He is completing a novel set in Mexico, Texas, and California called Tall Tales from Dry Places. He received his undergraduate degree from UCLA, and a grant to study Dante and Italian language in Italy.

Hopkins also utilizes his technical skills creatively. With an Markov chain based AI software he developed, Hopkins authored a novel called Love Song of Zero and One. The novel's computer-generated sections were written by SEER, a program that utilizes Hopkins' original code, along with RiTa from Daniel Howe.

From his playwriting days, his full-length works include Sensation, Empire State, Language of the Blood, and others which have been read and staged at Center Stage in Baltimore, and at Classical Theater of Harlem, Access Theater, 78th Street Theater Lab in New York, and elsewhere.

His feature scripts include Fight for the World, about the early life of boxing legend Joe Louis, and Username, about the impact of digital surveillance on human relationships. His specs for television include The Great, about Alexander of Macedonia, and DNA, about a human gene therapy clinic.

Contact me at philhop1 at the standard email address for yahoo or mrphilhopkins at the standard email address we know as gmail